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IGeoDatabaseBridge2 Interface
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IGeoDatabaseBridge2 Interface

Provides access to methods usable in all supported languages.


Name Description
Method AddList Adds a list of object id's to the selection set.
Method GetFeatures Get a cursor of Rows given a set of object ids.
Method GetLineOfSight Returns a line-of-site indicator interpolated from the TIN based on an input polyline.
Method QueryElevationBand The polygon based on the specified triangle and input bounds. For pRegion, pass in an array with at least 5 WKSPointZs.
Method QueryPixelBlock Derives slope, aspect, hillshade, or elevation from the input surface and writes the result to the provided PixelBlock.
Method RemoveList Removes a list of object id's from the selection set.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeoDatabaseBridge Provides access to methods usable in all supported languages.

Classes that implement IGeoDatabaseBridge2

Classes Description
GeoDatabaseHelper GeoDatabaseHelper object. Providing helper methods for GeoDatabase objects.