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IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit Interface
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IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit Interface

Provides access to members that change the schema of a GeoDataset.


Name Description
Method AlterSpatialReference Alters the spatial reference of the dataset to match the coordinate system of the input spatial reference, does not reproject the data.
Read-only property CanAlterSpatialReference Indicates if the spatial reference of the dataset can be altered.

Classes that implement IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit

Classes Description
BimModelObject (esriDataSourcesFile) Esri Bim File Model class.
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.
Tin The Esri TIN component.


The IGeoDatasetSchemaEdit interface is an optional interface that allows you to change the spatial reference associated with an existing dataset.

Note that the AlterSpatialReference method does not project or otherwise modify the existing data in the dataset-this method merely rewrites the spatial reference associated with the dataset. The caller is responsible for ensuring the correctness and appropriateness of the supplied spatial reference. Its most common use is to supply a spatial reference for a dataset whose spatial reference is currently tagged as Unknown.