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IGeodataXform2 Interface
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IGeodataXform2 Interface

Provides access to additional members that control sensor specific geodata transform.


Name Description
Method ComputeFootprint Computes the footprint in a given direction for a given input extent/footprint.
Method GetZ Gets Z value for a given location (x,y) in map space.
Method Simplify Simplifies into a simple geodataxform.
Method Transform3D Transforms a set of 3D points in a given direction.
Method Transform3DPoints Transforms a collection of 3D points in a given direction

Classes that implement IGeodataXform2

Classes Description
ApproximationXform A transformation that approximates other transformations.
CompositeXform A composite geodata transform collection class.
CSMXform Community Sensor Model (CSM) transformation class.
EpipolarXform A transformation that map native image to epipolar image.
EsriCSMXform Esri Community Sensor Model (CSM) transformation class.
Formosat2Xform A Formosat2 transform class.
FrameXform A standard frame camera model transformation class.
RPCXform A Rational Polynomial Coefficient (RPC) transform class.
SPOT5Xform A SPOT5 1A transform class.