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IHVCompositeDatumTransformation Interface
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IHVCompositeDatumTransformation Interface

Provides a combined Horizontal and Vertical transformation of Geographic Datum.


Name Description
Read-only property Count Returns the number of steps in the composite transformation.
Method GetInverse Returns inverse transformation for this.
Method GetSpatialReferences Returns spatial references.
Method GetVerticalCoordinateSystems Returns vertical coordinate systems.
Read-only property HVDatumTransform Returns a step of the datum transformation.
Method IsCompatibleWith Returns True, if this transformation can be used to transform from pSRFrom to pSRTo.
Method LoadData Makes the grid data available for transformation operations. No need to call this explicitly.
Read-only property Name Returns name.
Read-only property TransformationDirection Returns a step of the datum transformation.
Method UnloadData Releases any resources consumed by the grid data.

Classes that implement IHVCompositeDatumTransformation

Classes Description
HVCompositeDatumTransformation Horizonatal and Vertical datum transformation.