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IHistoricalWorkspace Interface
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IHistoricalWorkspace Interface


The IHistoricalWorkspace interface can be used to detect existing historical markers while also providing the functionality to add or remove historical markers from the workspace. This interface can also be leveraged to query existing historical versions on the historical workspace. 


Name Description
Method AddHistoricalMarker Add a historical marker to this workspace.
Read-only property DefaultMarkerName The marker name which represents the last save or post of the default transactional version.
Method FindHistoricalVersionByName Open a historical version by specifying a historical marker name.
Method FindHistoricalVersionByTimeStamp Open a historical version by specifying a timestamp.
Read-only property HistoricalMarkers An enumerator of all historical markers managed by this workspace.
Method RemoveHistoricalMarker Remove a historical marker from this workspace.

Classes that implement IHistoricalWorkspace

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