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IHitTest3D.HitTestCone Method
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IHitTest3D.HitTestCone Method

Locates a part of a geometry closest to a query ray.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function HitTestCone ( _
    ByVal pQueryRay As IRay, _
    ByVal minAngle As Double, _
    ByVal geometryPart As esriGeometryHitPartType, _
    ByVal pHitPoint As IPoint, _
    ByRef pHitDistance As Double, _
    ByRef pHitPartIndex As Integer, _
    ByRef pHitSegmentIndex As Integer _
) As Boolean
public bool HitTestCone (
    IRay pQueryRay,
    double minAngle,
    esriGeometryHitPartType geometryPart,
    IPoint pHitPoint,
    ref double pHitDistance,
    ref int pHitPartIndex,
    ref int pHitSegmentIndex

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