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IIMSServiceDescription Interface
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IIMSServiceDescription Interface

Provides access to members to get IMS connection properties and get the specified service child.


Name Description
Read/write property ConnectionProperties True if the service is free.
Read/write property IsPrivate Indicates if the service is private (requires password).
Read/write property Name Service Name.
Read/write property Password Password for the specified service.
Read/write property SavePassword Indicates if the password should be saved.
Read/write property Security Type of security set on the service. Use a combination of acSecurityType constants.
Read/write property ServiceType Type of service.
Read/write property URL URL to ArcIMS server.
Read/write property UserName User name for the specified service.

Classes that implement IIMSServiceDescription

Classes Description
IMSMetadataServiceName ArIMS Metadata Service Name Object.
IMSServiceName The IMS Service Name.