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IImageRegistration Interface
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IImageRegistration Interface

Provides access to members that control an image registration.


Name Description
Method Adjust Applies adjustments from a solution table.
Read/write property BlockingType The blocking/sampling type for large images.
Method ComputeAdjustments Computes simple polynomial adjustments.
Method ComputeFeaturePoints Computes feature points for a collection of images.
Method ComputeLinks Computes links from a list control points.
Method ComputeTiePoints Computes matching/tie points from a collection of feature points.
Method CreateControlPointTable Creates a control point table.
Method CreateFeaturePointTable Creates a feature point table.
Method CreateSolutionTable Creates a solution table.
Method ExtractAllMatchPoints Extracts all match points between a collection of reference images, and a raw image.
Method ExtractFeaturePoints Extracts feature points from a given image.
Method ExtractMatchPoints Extracts match points between a reference image, and a raw image.
Method FindClosestFeaturePoint Finds the closest feature point from an images around the given point.
Method GetParameter Gets a named parameter.
Method MatchFeaturePoints Matches two sets of feature points.
Read/write property Parameters The image registration parameters.
Method RefineMatchPoints Refines given match points between source and target images.
Read/write property Refinement The match point refinement to be applied.
Read/write property ServerObjectName The ArcGIS server object to perform image registration.
Method SetParameter Sets a named parameter.
Read/write property ThreadCount The number of instances for image registration.

Classes that implement IImageRegistration

Classes Description
ImageRegistration The Image Registration class.