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IImageType Interface
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IImageType Interface

Provides access to the Image Type Interface.

When To Use

Use IImageType to set the image format and the return type for MapServer output images. MapServer output images are created using ExportMapImage on IMapServer2  and the following methods on IMapServerLayoutExportLayout, ExportLegendExportNorthArrow and ExportScaleBar.


Name Description
Read/write property Format The image format.
Read/write property ReturnType The return type.

Classes that implement IImageType

Classes Description
ImageType The Image Type coclass contains information about the type of image to be generated.


Supported image formats include: PNG32, PNG24, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, DIB, TIFF, EMF, PS, PDF, AI, SVG and SVGZ. Please note that optimized MapServices do not support the Adobe Illustrator (AI) format. However they additionally support the PNG32 image format with full alpha channel transparency support. ReturnType includes URL and MimeData. If URL is specified the image is stored as a file at the specified location (Physical Output Directory) and can be accessed by internet clients through the Virtual Output Directory. If MIME is specified a stream of bytes is returned to the client.