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IItemPaths Interface
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IItemPaths Interface

Provides access to members that control item paths.


Name Description
Method GetPaths Returns all paths associated with the object.
Method ReplacePaths Updates all paths associated with the object using the specified mapping rule. The number of values in the two arrays must be the same.

Classes that implement IItemPaths

Classes Description
CompositeItemURI A composite item URI object.
FileCrawler A crawler for files that reside on the file-system.
FileItemURI An item URI that identifes a file.
FolderCrawler A crawler for folders that reside on the file-system.
FunctionRasterDataset A class for a function raster dataset.
IkonosFileCrawler A crawler for IKONOS and GeoEye-1 files.
IndexedItemURI An indexed item URI object.
KompsatFileCrawler A crawler for KOMPSAT-2 files.
LasDatasetToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasDatasetToRasterFunction arguments.
LasToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The LasToRasterFunction arguments.
MultiPartItemURI A multi-part item URI object.
NitfCrawler A crawler for NITF files.
OverviewItemURI An overview item URI object.
PixFileCrawler A crawler for PIX files.
PleiadesFileCrawler A crawler for Pleiades files.
PythonRasterCrawler A crawler for Python Raster Types
QuickBirdFileCrawler A crawler for QuickBird and WorldView files.
RasterTypeItemURI An item URI constructed by the raster type object.
RPFItemURI An item URI that identifes aN RPF file.
ScientificDataCrawler A crawler for files containing scientific data.
SearchItemURI A URI that identifies a search result item.
Spot6FileCrawler A crawler for SPOT 6 files.
TableCrawler A crawler for tables.
TerrainToRasterFunctionArguments (esriGeoDatabaseExtensions) The TerrainToRasterFunction arguments.