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IJSONSerializer Interface
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IJSONSerializer Interface

Provides access to high-level JSON serialization methods.


Name Description
Method InitSerializer Writes serialization options.
Method WriteObject Serializes an object.
Read-only property Writer Obtains JSON Writer.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IExternalSerializer Provides access to high-level JSON serialization methods.

Classes that implement IJSONSerializer

Classes Description
JSONConverterGdb (esriGeoDatabase) All-in-one JSON conversion for the GeoDatabase library. Supports all previous JSON interfaces in the GeoDatabase, namely IJSONSerializer, IJSONDeserializer, IExternalSerializerGdb, IExternalDeserializerGdb
JSONConverterGeometry (esriGeometry)
JSONSerializerGdb (esriGeoDatabase) High-level object serializer into JSON coclass.