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ILatLonFormat Interface
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ILatLonFormat Interface

Provides access to members that format Latitudes and Longitudes.


The members in the ILatLonFormat interface define how the ValueToString method in the associated INumberFormat interface formats numbers.

The LatLonFormat coclass also inherits the INumericFormat interface, so both these interface's properties determine how numbers are formatted.

When To Use

Use the ILatLonFormat interface to format numbers that represent a latitude or longitude.


Name Description
Method GetDMS Obtains the degrees, minutes, and seconds for a lat/lon number.
Write-only property IsLatitude Indicates if a formatted number is a latitude or not.
Read/write property ShowDirections Indicates if a directional letter (N-S-E-W) is appended to the formatted number.
Read/write property ShowZeroMinutes Indicates if zero minutes are included in formatted output.
Read/write property ShowZeroSeconds Indicates if zero seconds are included in formatted output.

Classes that implement ILatLonFormat

Classes Description
LatLonFormat An object for formatting numbers in a lat/lon format.