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ILocatorWorkspace Interface
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ILocatorWorkspace Interface

Provides access to members for managing the locators in the locator workspace.

When To Use

Use the ILocatorWorkspace interface to manage the locators and locator styles in the locator workspace. You can use this interface to retrieve locators and locator styles from the locator workspace, as well as create, modify, and delete locators in the locator workspace.


Name Description
Method AddLocator Adds a locator to the locator workspace.
Method AddLocatorStyle Adds a locator style.
Method CopyLocator Copies a locator.
Method DeleteLocator Deletes a locator.
Method GetLocator Gets a locator.
Method GetLocatorName Gets a LocatorName object.
Method GetLocatorStyle Gets a locator style.
Read-only property LocatorNames LocatorName objects in the locator workspace.
Read-only property Locators Locators in the locator workspace.
Read-only property Name The Name object for the locator workspace.
Method RenameLocator Renames a locator.
Method UpdateLocator Modifies the properties of a locator.

Classes that implement ILocatorWorkspace

Classes Description


For some of the members of this interface, you must specify a Category string parameter. You can use categories to organize your locators and locator styles. All of the locators and locator styles provided with ArcGIS have a category of �Address�.