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ILocatorWorkspace.LocatorNames Property
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ILocatorWorkspace.LocatorNames Property

LocatorName objects in the locator workspace.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function get_LocatorNames ( _
    ByVal queryType As esriLocatorQuery, _
    ByVal Category As String _
) As IEnumLocatorName
public IEnumLocatorName get_LocatorNames (
    esriLocatorQuery queryType,
    string Category


The LocatorNames property returns a LocatorNameEnumerator containing LocatorName objects representing locators in the locator workspace.

Use the queryType parameter to specify whether to include locators, locator styles, or both in the LocatorNameEnumerator.

Use the Category parameter to specify which category of locators and locator styles to include in the LocatorNameEnumerator. Address locators and address locator styles provided with ArcGIS all have a category of "Address". Specify an empty string for the Category parameter if you want to include locators or locator styles from all categories.

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