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IMapExtent Interface
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IMapExtent Interface

Provides access to the Map Extent Map Area Interface.

When To Use

 Use IMapExtent to apply a new geographic extent to a map by specifying a new envelope.


Name Description
Write-only property Extent The geographic extent of the map.

Classes that implement IMapExtent

Classes Description
MapExtent The Map Extent coclass allows you to change the spatial extent of a map by specifying the new extent.


By default, the MapArea object is of type MapExtent. One way to change the map extent is using the object MapExtent to set a new geographic extent. This gives you the ability to set the extent of the map using an envelope. If the spatial reference of the map has changed, remember to adjust the spatial reference of the envelope accordingly.

If the aspect ratio of the input map is different from the aspect ratio of the requested image, the returned map extent will be adjusted to fit the image.

The creation of a new MapExtent object is only needed if the MapArea object has been changed.