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IMapImage Interface
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IMapImage Interface

Provides access to the Map Image Interface.

When To Use

Use IMapImage to access properties of an ExportMapImage result.


Name Description
Read-only property Height The height of the image in pixels.
Read-only property MapExtent The geographic extent of the map that is fitted to the height and width of the generated image.
Read-only property MapScale The scale of the generated map image.
Read-only property MimeData Binary data representing the generated image.
Read-only property MimeType The MIME type of the generated image.
Read-only property ReferenceDPI The device resolution of the image specified in the request (dots per inch).
Read-only property URL The URL of the generated image.
Read-only property VisibleLayers Array of the visible layers drawn for the generated map scale.
Read-only property Width The width of the image in pixels.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IImageResult Provides access to the Image Result Interface.

Classes that implement IMapImage

Classes Description
MapImage The Map Image coclass contains information about the generated map image.


The MapImage coclass is a subclass of ImageResult and will inherit all IImageResult properties.