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IMapServerFindResults Interface
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IMapServerFindResults Interface

Provides access to the Map Server Find Results Interface.


Name Description
Method Add Adds a find result.
Read-only property Count The find result count.
Read-only property Element The find result at the specified position.
Method Insert Adds a find result at the specified position.
Method Remove Removes the find result at the specified position.
Method RemoveAll Removes all find results.

Classes that implement IMapServerFindResults

Classes Description
MapServerFindResults A collection of Map Server Find Result objects.


In order to control the amount of information MapServer needs to process for a query, a maximum number of records can be set. This value is contained in the MaxRecordCount property. The default value for this property is 500. If 600 features match a given query only the first 500 results will be returned. You will be unable to access the remaining 100 records. To be able to access these records the MaxRecordCount would need to be increased to 600. MaxRecordCount affects the following IMapServer methods: Find, Identify, QueryFeatureData, and QueryHyperlinks. It does not affect QueryFeatureCount, QueryFeatureIDs or the number of Rows of a MapServerRelationship. The MaxRecordCount can also be changed by modifying the MaxRecordCount XML tag in the MapServer's configuration file.