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IMapServerLegendClass Interface
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IMapServerLegendClass Interface

Provides access to the Map Server Legend Class Interface.

When To Use

Use IMapServerLegendClass when retrieving legend elements including the symbol image, label and description of a single legend class. To export a single image of the legend use ExportLegend on IMapServerLayout.


Name Description
Read-only property Description The description string.
Read-only property Label The label string.
Read-only property SymbolImage The symbol image.
Read-only property TransparentColor The transparent color used for the symbol image.

Classes that implement IMapServerLegendClass

Classes Description
MapServerLegendClass The Map Server Legend Class coclass contains settings about a legend class.


Legends are associated with renderers that belong to each layer in a map. Each layer has a separate renderer. Each renderer has one or more legend groups. Each legend group has one or more legend classes. MapServerLegendClass objects are part of a MapServerLegendGroup object. MapServerLegendGroup objects are part of a MapServerLegendInfo object. MapServerLegendInfo objects are the result of the GetLegendInfo  method on IMapServer .