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IMapServerLegendPatch Interface
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IMapServerLegendPatch Interface

Provides access to the Map Server Legend Patch Interface.

When To Use

A MapServerLegendPatch object is a parameter of the GetLegendInfo method on IMapServer. Use IMapServerLegendPatch to customize the size of the legend patch and the shape of the symbol displayed on the patch. To export a single image of the legend use ExportLegend on IMapServerLayout.


Name Description
Read/write property AreaPatch The area patch.
Read/write property LinePatch The line patch.
Read/write property PatchHeight The patch height (in points).
Read/write property PatchResolution The patch resolution (dots per inch).
Read/write property PatchWidth The patch width (in points).

Classes that implement IMapServerLegendPatch

Classes Description
MapServerLegendPatch The Map Server Legend Patch coclass contains settings about a legend patch.


A legend patch is a rectangular image with an individual polygon, line or point symbol associated with a particular legend class. Use PatchHeight and PatchWidth to change the size of the legend patch. Use AreaPatch or LinePatch to change the shape of the symbol. If the goal is only to change the size of the patch and to retain the default shape, AreaPatch and LinePatch do not have to be set.