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IMapServerRow Interface
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IMapServerRow Interface

Provides access to the Map Server Row Interface.

When To Use

 Use IMapServerRow to access row properties of a related table. 


Name Description
Read-only property Name The value of the primary display field.
Read-only property PropertySet A set of name-value pairs for the row's field names and values.
Read-only property RelatedRows The related rows (relationships).

Classes that implement IMapServerRow

Classes Description
MapServerRow The Map Server Row coclass contains information about a row.


A layer can be related to a table. The property RelatedRows on the IMapServerIdentifyResult interface returns a collection of MapServerRelationship objects. The IMapServerRelationship interface contains the name of the relate and the property Rows. This property returns a collection of MapServerRow objects. MapServerRow objects honor all field aliases, field visibility and field formatting set in the map document or the GeoDatabase. Using the IMapServerRow interface you can access properties (Name, PropertySet and RelatedRows) of the row of a related table.