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IMapTableInfo Interface
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IMapTableInfo Interface

Provides access to the Table Info.


Name Description
Read-only property DisplayField Primary display field.
Read-only property Fields Array of attribute fields contained in the table.
Read-only property HasAttachments Indicates if the layer has attachments.
Read-only property HasSubtype Indicates if the layer has Subtype.
Read-only property HTMLPopupType Indicates if the layer has HTML popups enabled.
Read-only property ID The table ID. This is a unique ID among layers and tables, and is used to identify the table in a number of methods.
Read-only property Name Descriptive name of the table.
Read-only property OIDFieldName The name of the OID Field.
Read-only property RelateInfos Array of relates associated to the table.

Classes that implement IMapTableInfo

Classes Description
MapLayerInfo The Map Layer Info coclass provides read-only information about a layer in a map.