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IMapTableTimeInfo Interface
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IMapTableTimeInfo Interface

Provides access to time properties of a MapLayerInfo.


Name Description
Read-only property EndTimeFieldName End time field for the table.
Read-only property FullTimeExtent The time extent for all the data in the table.
Read-only property StartTimeFieldName Name of the field that has start time or time instant for a table.
Read-only property SupportsTime Indicates whether the table supports time.
Read-only property TimeInterval Suggested draw time interval for refreshing the table contents.
Read-only property TimeIntervalUnits Draw time interval units.
Read-only property TimeReference Native TimeReference of the contents of the table.
Read-only property TimeValueFormat Time field(s) values format.
Read-only property TrackIDFieldName Field that identifies or groups unique objects for which time values are recorded in a table.

Classes that implement IMapTableTimeInfo

Classes Description
MapLayerInfo The Map Layer Info coclass provides read-only information about a layer in a map.
StandaloneTableInfo The coclass contains information for standalone table in a map.