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IMapTimeDescription Interface
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IMapTimeDescription Interface

Provides access to time properties of a MapDescription.


Name Description
Read/write property TimeReference Time reference used by the time aware content.
Read/write property TimeValue Time value that will be used by the time aware content of the map.

Classes that implement IMapTimeDescription

Classes Description
MapDescription The Map Description coclass contains settings of a map in the current document.

Example: setting time to a MapDescription

IMapTimeDescription pMapTimeDesc = pMapDesc as IMapTimeDescription;

ITime pTime = new TimeClass();
// date-time in YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss format
pTime.SetFromTimeString(esriTimeStringFormat.esriTSFYearThruSecondWithSlash, "2000/01/01 08:00:00");

ITimeInstant pTimeInstant = new TimeInstantClass();
pTimeInstant.Time = pTime;
pTimeInstant.TimeReference = pMapTimeDesc.TimeReference;

pMapTimeDesc.TimeValue = pTimeInstant;