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IMemoryBlobStream Interface
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IMemoryBlobStream Interface

Provides access to members that control the Blob Stream.


Name Description
Method AttachToMemory Attaches the stream to memory. If transferOwnership is true, memory must be allocated with HeapAlloc() using GetProcessHeap().
Method Clone
Method Commit
Method ImportFromMemory Import using another blob.
Method LoadFromFile Loads a stream from the specified file.
Method LockRegion
Read-only property Memory The memory of the blob stream.
Method RemoteCopyTo
Method RemoteRead
Method RemoteSeek
Method RemoteWrite
Method Revert
Method SaveToFile Saves the stream to the specified file.
Method SetSize
Read/write property Size The size of the stream.
Method Stat
Method UnlockRegion

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IBlobStream Provides access to members that control a Blob Stream.

Classes that implement IMemoryBlobStream

Classes Description
MemoryBlobStream Memory blob stream object.