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IMensuration3D Interface
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IMensuration3D Interface

Provides basic 3D mensuration functionality.


Name Description
Read-only property CanMeasure3D Indicates if 3D mensuration is supported.
Method GetAngle3D Computes the 3D angle of the line connecting the two input 2D map points.
Method GetAreaAndPerimeter3D Computes the 3D area and perimeter of a 2D polygon with no interior holes.
Method GetCentroid3D Computes the 3D centroid of a 2D polygon with no interior holes..
Method GetDistance3D Computes the 3D actual distance between two points given their 2D map points.
Method GetPoint3D Computes a 3D point given a 2D map points.

Classes that implement IMensuration3D

Classes Description
Mensuration Implenments interface IMensuration to provide commercial basic mensuration services for the Esri Mensuration System.