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IMetadata Interface
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IMetadata Interface

Provides access to members that manage and update metadata.


Name Description
Read/write property Metadata The PropertySet containing metadata.
Method Synchronize Updates metadata with the current properties; may create metadata if it doesn't already exist.

Classes that implement IMetadata

Classes Description
AGSServerObjectName (esriGISClient) A name object for ArcGIS Server Objects.
CadDrawingName (esriDataSourcesFile) Cad Drawing Name object
FeatureDatasetName Esri Feature Dataset Name object.
FgdbTableName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
FunctionRasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A class for a function raster dataset.
GeometricNetworkName Esri Geometric Network Name object.
IMSMetadataServiceName (esriGISClient) ArIMS Metadata Service Name Object.
IMSServiceName (esriGISClient) The IMS Service Name.
ObjectClassName Esri Object Class Name object.
RasterBand (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a single band of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterBandName A container for name information about a raster band.
RasterDataset (esriDataSourcesRaster) A representation of a raster dataset on disk.
RasterDatasetName A container for name information about a raster dataset.
RelationshipClassName Esri Relationship Class Name object.
TableName Esri Table Name object.
Tin The Esri TIN component.
TinName The Esri TinName component.


The IMetadata interface is implemented by the GxMetadata object and all other objects that support metadata (the bulk of GxObject types). Use this interface when you want to access the set of metadata associated with an object or you want to create new metadata for the object.