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IObjectClassDescription Interface
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IObjectClassDescription Interface

Provides access to members that control Object Class Description.


The IObjectClassDescription interface provides configuration information for ArcCatalog and custom clients to use when creating a new object class or feature class. This interface can be implemented on a class extension or a separate coclass. Regardless of where the interface is implemented, the implementing coclass must be registered to the "ESRI GeoObject Class Descriptions" category using the Component Category Manager. If a feature class is being created, the class description (or class extension) must also implement IFeatureClassDescription.

If the .NET framework is being used, a class description can also be registered using the GeoObjectClassDescriptions static class in the ESRI.ArcGIS.ADF.CATIDs namespace.


Name Description
Read-only property AliasName The alias name of this class.
Read-only property ClassExtensionCLSID The CLSID of the class extension COM class that implements class level behavior.
Read-only property InstanceCLSID The CLSID of the COM class that implements instance level behavior.
Read-only property ModelName The model name of this class.
Read-only property ModelNameUnique Indicates if the model name of this class is unique.
Read-only property Name The name for this class, e.g., Esri Simple Junction Feature.
Read-only property RequiredFields The descriptions of the set of required fields for this class.

Classes that implement IObjectClassDescription

Classes Description
FeatureClassDescription Esri Feature Class Description object.
RasterCatalogClassDescription Esri RasterCatalog Class Description.