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IPixelFilter2 Interface
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IPixelFilter2 Interface

Provides access to additional members that control a pixel filter.


Name Description
Method Init Initializes this filter for a given area of interest.
Method InitBlock Initialize this filter for a given pixel block.

Classes that implement IPixelFilter2

Classes Description
ClipFilter A class for clipping filter.
PansharpeningFilter A class for pansharpening filter.
PixelFilterCollection A raster filter collection.


IPixelFilter2 is an optional interface for implementing a custom pixel filter. It will be called, if implemented, whenever the raster properties, including number of rows and columns, and extent, has changed, and right before a pixel block is to be filtered, with more information. A custom pixel filter can use the additional information to, for example, get the cellsize, and pre-fetch a related pixel block, and etc.