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IPolycurve3D.Densify3D Method
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IPolycurve3D.Densify3D Method

Converts this Polycurve into a piecewise linear approximation of itself.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub Densify3D ( _
    ByVal maxSegmentLength As Double, _
    ByVal maxDeviation As Double _
public void Densify3D (
    double maxSegmentLength,
    double maxDeviation


Converts Polycurve into a Polycurve composed of Line segments with 3D length maxSegmentLength (or less) that are within maxDeviation of the original polycurve.  If maxDeviation = 0, maxDeviation is ignored and Line segments with length maxSegmentLength are constructed with vertices laying on the original curve.  All of the segments in the final polyline will be 3D Lines.



        public static void Densify3D()


               const double DensifyMaxSegmentLength = 2.43; 

               const double DensifyMaxDeviation = 2;


               IGeometry polylineGeometry = GetPolylineGeometry();

               IPolycurve3D polycurve3D = polylineGeometry as IPolycurve3D;

               polycurve3D.Densify3D(DensifyMaxSegmentLength, DensifyMaxDeviation);


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