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IPolycurveGeodetic.DensifyGeodetic Method
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IPolycurveGeodetic.DensifyGeodetic Method

Constructs different types of geodetic curves. The 'by length' and 'by deviation' densification methods are supported.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub DensifyGeodetic ( _
    ByVal geodeticLineType As esriGeodeticType, _
    ByVal pLU As ILinearUnit, _
    ByVal densifyMethod As esriCurveDensifyMethod, _
    ByVal densifyParameter As Double _
public void DensifyGeodetic (
    esriGeodeticType geodeticLineType,
    ILinearUnit pLU,
    esriCurveDensifyMethod densifyMethod,
    double densifyParameter


Densifies the polycurve by connecting its existing vertices with geodetic curves of the specified type.

enum esriGeodeticType
  esriGeodeticTypeGeodesic       = 0,
  esriGeodeticTypeLoxodrome      = 1,
  esriGeodeticTypeGreatElliptic  = 2,
  esriGeodeticTypeNormalSection  = 3

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