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IPolycurve.Smooth Method
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IPolycurve.Smooth Method

Converts this curve into a smooth curve containing only Bezier curve segments.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub Smooth ( _
    ByVal maxAllowableOffset As Double _
public void Smooth (
    double maxAllowableOffset


Converts the Polycurve into a Polycurve containing only BezierCurve segments. If the maxAllowableOffset parameter is zero, each segment of the input Polycurve becomes a separate Bezier curve. If maxAllowableOffset if greater than zero, the polycurve is generalized first by the Douglas-Poiker method using the maxAllowableOffset value. Bezier curves are then created for each of the remaining segments. The created BezierCurve polycurve is an approximation of the original polycurve. At each vertex, the adjoining BezierCurves have complementary tangents which creates a continuous (smooth) transition between segments.

As an alternative, compare IConstructCurve2::ApproximateByBeziers.



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