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IPolygon.QueryInteriorRings Method
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IPolygon.QueryInteriorRings Method

Populates an array with references to rings that are interior to the specified exterior ring. This method does not marshall correctly out-of-proc. Use QueryInteriorRingsEx on the IPolygon2 interface instead.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub QueryInteriorRings ( _
    ByVal exteriorRing As IRing, _
    ByRef interiorRings As IRing _
public void QueryInteriorRings (
    IRing exteriorRing,
    ref IRing interiorRings


Returns an array of IRings containing all Interior Rings belonging to a specified input Exterior Ring.  Whenever possible, IPolygon2::QueryInteriorRingsEx should be used to ensure proper functionality and better control of the returned array.


Note : That method only accepts an array of type IRing for interiorRings. Using an array of IRing2 won't work.


Does not work in .NET. Use IPolygon4.get_InteriorRingBag instead.

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