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IPrimeMeridianEdit.Define Method
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IPrimeMeridianEdit.Define Method

Defines the properties of the prime meridian.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub Define ( _
    [ByRef Name As Object], _
    [ByRef Alias As Object], _
    [ByRef Abbreviation As Object], _
    [ByRef Remarks As Object], _
    [ByRef Longitude As Object] _
public void Define (
    ref object Name,
    ref object Alias,
    ref object Abbreviation,
    ref object Remarks,
    ref object Longitude


Use the Define method of IPrimeMeridianEdit to set the properties of a prime meridian. The longitude parameter is defined in degrees relative to Greenwich.


    private void DefinePrimeMeridian()
        //Query interface for DatumEdit
        IPrimeMeridianEdit primeMeridianEdit = new PrimeMeridianClass();
        //Define the properties for the prime meridian
        object name = "Greenwich";
        object alias = "Green";
        object abbreviation = "Grnwch";
        object remarks = "Greenwich is the prime meridian";
        object longitude = 0;
        primeMeridianEdit.Define(ref name, ref alias, ref abbreviation, ref remarks, ref longitude);

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