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IRasterBand Interface
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IRasterBand Interface

Provides access to members that control a raster band object.


Name Description
Read-only property AttributeTable The attribute table of this raster band.
Read-only property Bandname The name of this raster band.
Method CanCopy Returns true if this dataset can be copied.
Read-only property ClassNames The class names (titles).
Read-only property Colormap The colormap of this raster band.
Method ComputeStatsAndHist Calculates statistics and histogram if not previously stored.
Read/write property ContrastTable The contrast look-up table of this band.
Method Copy Copies this raster band to a new dataset with the specified name.
Read-only property DescriptorTable The descriptor table of this raster band.
Read/write property DirectlyOpened Indicates if the band was opened directly.
Method HasColormap Indicates if this band has a colormap.
Method HasStatistics Indicates if this band has statistics.
Method HasTable Indicates if this band has an attribute table.
Read-only property Histogram The histogram of this raster band.
Read-only property RasterDataset The RasterDataset associated with this raster band.
Read/write property RepresentationType The suggested representation type.
Read-only property Statistics The statistics of this raster band.

Classes that implement IRasterBand

Classes Description
RasterBand A representation of a single band of a raster dataset on disk.


IRasterBand interface provides access to statistics, histogram, raster attribute table, and colormap of the raster band.

The RasterDataset method returns a reference to the RasterDataset that contains this band.

The AttributeTable method returns a table if the raster band contains, or calculates a virtual table if the number of unique values of the raster band is less than 2048. The raster table can not be modified using ITable interface.

The ComputeStatsAndHist method calculates statistics and a histogram for the band.

The HasStatistics, HasHistogram, and HasColormap methods set the output parameter to True if the band contains a histogram, colormap, or statistics and False if the band does not.