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IRasterBuilder3 Interface
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IRasterBuilder3 Interface

Provides access to members that control a raster builder.


Name Description
Read/write property AuxiliaryFieldAlias Optional look-up that maps field names to possile metadata property names.
Read/write property AuxiliaryFields Fields to be created and populated in the raster catalog when a builder is used.
Method BeginConstruction Initializes the raster builder for URI construction given a valid data source crawler object.
Method Build Construct a builder item using the specified item URI.
Method CanBuild Indicates whether the raster builder recognizes the specified data source and is possibly capable of building a valid function raster dataset from it.
Read-only property CanBuildInPlace Indicates whether the raster type can build an item URI as soon as it is contructed.
Read-only property CanMergeItems Indicates whether the raster builder is capable of building composite crawled items.
Method CanUpdate Indicates whether the raster builder is capable of updating a raster function template.
Method ConstructURIs Constructs one or more item URI objects given the crawled data source item.
Method EndConstruction Shuts down the raster builder object upon completion of URI construction. Once all item URIs are constructed and returned via repated calls to the GetNextURI, this method might return an array of item URIs possibly created as a result of the shut down process.
Method GetNextURI Returns the next available item URI object.
Method GetRecommendedCrawler Returns a crawler best suited for data source as recommended by the raster builder.
Method IsStale Indicates whether the data source referenced by the specified item URI has been updated since the item URI was last constructed.
Read/write property MergeItems Indicates whether the raster builder constructs a multi-part URI given a composite crawled item.
Read/write property MultidimensionalInfo The multidimensional info object associated with the raster builder. The information contained within this object is updated each time a new item is built.
Read/write property Properties The raster dataset builder properties.
Method ReviewBuilderItem Review and (optionally) update the final builder item generated by the parent raster type.
Method ReviewItemURI Review and (optionally) update the final item URI constructed by the parent raster type.
Method Update Updates the specified function template and template arguments using information associated with the specified item URI. This method allows a raster builder to modify the function template before the output builder item is constructed by the raster type.
Method Validate Validates the raster builder.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRasterBuilder2 Provides access to members that control a raster builder.
IRasterBuilder Provides access to members that control a raster builder.

Classes that implement IRasterBuilder3

Classes Description
PythonRasterBuilder A raster builder for Python Raster Types
RasterDatasetBuilder A raster builder for raster datasets.