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IRasterBuilderInit2 Interface
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IRasterBuilderInit2 Interface

Provides access to members that initialize a raster builder.


Name Description
Read/write property DefaultSpatialReference The default spatial reference associated with the collection of items built by this raster type. A raster type applies the default spatial reference to every incoming dataset that doesn't have an associated spatial reference.
Read/write property GeoTransformationHelper The geographic tranformation helper object, set by the calling application, that enables the raster builder to install geotransformation method in to the system's GeoTransformationOperationSet.
Read/write property MosaicDataset The mosaic dataset associated with this operation.
Read/write property RasterTypeOperation The raster type operation helper object associated with this raster type. It provides the raster type with functions that aid construction of URIs and builder items.
Read/write property TrackCancel The cancel tracker associated with this operation.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRasterBuilderInit Provides access to members that initialize a raster builder.

Classes that implement IRasterBuilderInit2

Classes Description
RasterType A raster type object.