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IRasterColormapToRGBConversion Interface
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IRasterColormapToRGBConversion Interface

Provides access to members that convert between colormap and RGB Raster.


Name Description
Method ColormapToRGB Converts a colormap raster dataset to a RGB raster dataset.
Method CreateRGBRaster Creates a RGB multiband raster from a colormap raster dataset.
Method RGBRasterToColormap Converts a RGB raster to a colormap raster dataset.
Method RGBToColormap Converts a RGB raster dataset to a colormap raster dataset.

Classes that implement IRasterColormapToRGBConversion

Classes Description
RasterColormapToRGBConverter A helper class for converting between colormap to RGB raster.


IRasterColormapToRGBConversion provides access to methods that convert between a raster datset that has a colormap and a three-band raster dataset. The pOutWorkspace parameter can only be a raster workspace, which means that the output can only be a file-based raster dataset.

The ColormapToRGB method converts a raster dataset that has a colormap to a three-band raster dataset by mapping the color red, green and blue in the colormap table to the red, green and blue bands of the raster dataset.

The CreateRGBRaster method creates a Raster that contains three bands, which can be saved using ISaveAs.

The RGBToColormap method converts a three-band raster dataset to a colormap raster dataset.

The RGBRasterToColormap method takes a Raster as input and coverts to a raster dataset that contains a colormap.