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IRasterEdit Interface
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IRasterEdit Interface

Provides access to members that control pixel block level editing operations.


IRasterEdit allows you to modify the pixel values in a Raster using PixelBlocks. Refresh after you call Write to flush the changes.

When editing raster in Enterprise geodatabase or File geodatabase, the NoData is mask based, not pixel value based, if you want to edit NoData pixels (either set a value pixel to a NoData pixel or a NoData pixel to be a value pixel), IPixelBlock3.NoDataMask should be used to flag the NoData pixels.


Name Description
Method CanEdit Checks if this Raster can be edited.
Method Erase Erases a PixelBlock starting at a given Top-Left corner.
Method Refresh Refreshes the associated RasterDataset.
Method Write Writes a PixelBlock starting at a given Top-Left corner.

Classes that implement IRasterEdit

Classes Description
Raster An in-memory representation of a dynamic raster that can perform resampling and reprojection.