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IRasterTypeOperation Interface
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IRasterTypeOperation Interface

Provides access to members that control raster type operation.


Name Description
Method ApplyOrthorectification Adds (or updates) a geometric function associated with the function raster dataset.
Method ClipDatasetToItemFootprint Clips the raster dataset to the associated footprint geometry referenced by the with specified builder item.
Method CreateBuilderItem Constructs a builder item object given an item URI and the associated raster dataset.
Method OpenRasterDataset Opens a raster dataset even if it does not exist.
Method ProcessItem Builds pyramids and computes statistics for all raster dataset referenced by the top-level function raster dataset in the builder item. The associated AddRastersParameters and SynchronizeParameters objects are used to control how pyramids and statistics are bu

Classes that implement IRasterTypeOperation

Classes Description
RasterType A raster type object.