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IRelateDescription Interface
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IRelateDescription Interface

Provides access to the RelateDescription Interface.


Name Description
Read/write property GeometryResultOptions Indicates whether we need to modify Geometry.
Read/write property GeoTransformation Geo transformation required to transform the geometry if the requested GCS is different from the source.
Read/write property IncludeGeometry Indicates whether we should include Geometry.
Read/write property OutputSpatialReference Spatial reference of the output geometry in the related records.
Read/write property OutputTimeReference Output time reference for the time fields.
Read/write property RelatedTableDefinitionExpression Definition expression of the related table for which related records are being requested.
Read/write property RelatedTableFields Table fields that need to be returned as a part of the relate results.
Read/write property RelationshipID Relationship ID that uniquely idenentifies a relate to a table.
Read/write property ResultFormat Result format that indicates the type of content in the result.

Classes that implement IRelateDescription

Classes Description
RelateDescription A colcass that describes a relate for QueryRelatedRows.