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IRelateDescription.RelatedTableDefinitionExpression Property
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IRelateDescription.RelatedTableDefinitionExpression Property

Definition expression of the related table for which related records are being requested.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Property RelatedTableDefinitionExpression As String
public string RelatedTableDefinitionExpression {get; set;}


In case your related StandaloneTable/layer has definition expression and you want that to be honored, or you want to restrict your search within a subset of the related StandaloneTable/layer, you need to explicitly set that to this property. You may get the default definition expression set to that layer/StandaloneTable in the source document from IMapTableDescription::DefinitionExpression.

For example, LayerA is related to TableB. Records in that table in the source map document restricted not to include information beyond 1990 [i.e. "Year" <= 1990]. If RelatedTableDefinitionExpression is not set, the related results may contain information beyond 1990.

When this property is empty, the search will be performed on all the records/features on the StandaloneTable/layer.


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