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IRelationalOperator.Crosses Method
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IRelationalOperator.Crosses Method

Indicates if the two geometries intersect in a geometry of lesser dimension.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function Crosses ( _
    ByVal other As IGeometry _
) As Boolean
public bool Crosses (
    IGeometry other


Two polylines cross if they share only points in common, at least one of which is not an endpoint.  A polyline and an polygon cross if they share a polyline or a point (for vertical line) in common on the interior of the polygon which is not equivalent to the entire polyline.  Cross is a Clementini operator.


Only geometries that support the IRelationalOperator interface can be used as input geometries.

Cross only applies to polyline/polyline, polyline/polygon, or polygon/polyline relations.

If either one of the geometries is empty, the geometries do not cross.

Crosses examples. Only "true" relationships are showed in this picture.

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