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IRemapFunctionArguments Interface
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IRemapFunctionArguments Interface

Provides access to members that control remap function arguments.


Name Description
Read/write property AllowUnmatched Indicates if unmatched values should be passed through.
Read/write property InputField The field in the Attribute table that contains (minimum) pixel values.
Read/write property InputRanges The collection of min-max value pairs indicating input remap classes. Pixel values of the input raster in the range [min,max) are mapped to the corresponding value in the 'OutputValues' collection.
Read/write property NoDataRanges The collection of min-max value pairs indicating NoData. Pixel values of the input raster in the range [min,max) are set as NoData.
Read/write property OutputField The field in the attribute table containing the remapped values.
Read/write property OutputValues The collection of output values to which each input value pair in the 'InputRanges' collection is remapped.
Read/write property Raster The source raster object.
Read/write property Table The table used to lookup pixel values.
Read/write property UseTable Indicates if the attribute table should be used for remapping.

Classes that implement IRemapFunctionArguments

Classes Description
RemapFunctionArguments A class for remap raster function arguments.