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ISQLPrivilege Interface
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ISQLPrivilege Interface

Provides access to members for granting and revoking privileges to database users.


Name Description
Method Grant Grants privileges for the database user.
Method Revoke Revokes privileges for the database user.
Read-only property SQLPrivileges The database privileges.

Classes that implement ISQLPrivilege

Classes Description
FeatureDatasetName Esri Feature Dataset Name object.
ObjectClassName Esri Object Class Name object.
RelationshipClassName Esri Relationship Class Name object.
TableName Esri Table Name object.


The ISQLPrivilege optional interface provides information about the permissions you have on a database object and also the ability to change the permissions for other users. It only applies to those datasets that are stored within an ArcSDE geodatabase. It applies to feature datasets, feature classes, tables, relationship classes, raster datasets, and raster catalogs.  ISQLPrivilege cannot be used on datasets contained within a feature dataset, as permissions are managed at the feature dataset level.

The esriSQLPrivilege enumeration defines values that can be used with ISQLPrivilege:

Enumeration esriSQLPrivilege SQL Privileges

1 - esriSelectPrivilege


2 - esriUpdatePrivilege


4 - esriInsertPrivilege


8 - esriDeletePrivilege


The values may be bitwise OR'd together if more than one privilege applies (note that this is equal to summing the integer values). For example, if the SQLPrivileges property returns a value of 9, this would mean that you have select and delete permission on the dataset, but not insert or update. A value of 15 indicates full privileges.

The last parameter on Grant is for specifying whether or not the user will have the ability to grant privileges to other users.

Address locators only support esriSelectPrivilege