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ISegment.ReturnTurnDirection Method
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ISegment.ReturnTurnDirection Method

Finds turn direction between two connected segments.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function ReturnTurnDirection ( _
    ByVal otherSegment As ISegment _
) As Integer
public int ReturnTurnDirection (
    ISegment otherSegment


Returns the Turn Direction of the Segment immediately following the current Segment.  The two segments must be connected between the To Point of the first segment and the From Point of the second segment.  ReturnTurnDirection returns a long corresponding to an esriTurnDirectionEnum or a combination of esriNoTurn or esriUTurn and esriRightTurn or esriLeftTurn.  If the two segments are tangential at the point of connection and not completely colinear, then a combination of esriTurnDirectionEnums are returned.


ReturnTurnDirection is only available for Lines and CircularArcs, not BezierCurves or EllipticArcs.

ReturnTurnDirection Example

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