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ISegment.SplitAtDistance Method
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ISegment.SplitAtDistance Method

Split segment at specified distance.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub SplitAtDistance ( _
    ByVal distances As Double, _
    ByVal asRatio As Boolean, _
    ByRef fromSegment As ISegment, _
    ByRef toSegment As ISegment _
public void SplitAtDistance (
    double distances,
    bool asRatio,
    ref ISegment fromSegment,
    ref ISegment toSegment


Splits the input Segment at the given distance and returns the Segment between the original From Point and the split point as well as the Segment between the split point and the original To Point.  The split distance may be specified as a ratio of the total distance if AsRatio = TRUE, otherwise the distance is in the same units as the Length of the Segment.



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