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ISegment.SplitDivideLength Method
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ISegment.SplitDivideLength Method

Divide segment into smaller segments of the specified length.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub SplitDivideLength ( _
    ByVal Offset As Double, _
    ByVal Length As Double, _
    ByVal asRatio As Boolean, _
    ByRef numSplitSegments As Integer, _
    ByRef splitSegments As ISegment _
public void SplitDivideLength (
    double Offset,
    double Length,
    bool asRatio,
    ref int numSplitSegments,
    ref ISegment splitSegments


Outputs an array of Segments of a desired input length starting at an offset distance along the curve and continuing until the end of the Segment is reached.  The offset and length may be specified as a ratio of the total length of the Segment.  SplitDivideLength outputs an array of Segments and the number of Segments in that array.  All of the output Segments in the array have the desired input length with the exception of the final Segment which has a length less than or equal to the input length (the remainder of the Segment).



SplitDivideLength Example


When using C# you must use the IGeometryBridge interface to call this method.

[Visual Basic .NET]

When using VBNET you must use the IGeometryBridge interface to call this method.

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