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IServerObjectConfigurationStatus Interface
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IServerObjectConfigurationStatus Interface

Provides access to properties of a server object configuration's status to administrators.


Name Description
Read-only property InstanceCount Number of instances of server objects for a particular configuration that are currently running in the GIS server.
Read-only property InstanceInUseCount Number of running instances of server objects for a particular configuration that are in currently use by clients of the GIS server.
Read-only property Status Status of the server object configuration. This status indicates whether the server object configuration is started, stopped, paused, etc.

Classes that implement IServerObjectConfigurationStatus

Classes Description
ServerObjectConfigurationStatus The ServerObjectConfgurationStatus object which reports the status of a server object configuration.


The IServerObjectConfigurationStatus interface provides access to information about a server object configurations status to administrators. In order to access this interface, you must connect to the GIS server as a user who is a member of the agsadmin user group.

The IServerObjectConfigurationStaus interface provides information as to the status of the confiruation (whether it is started, stopped, etc), and informaiton about the number of instances of the configutation that are running and the number of those instances that are in use by applications.