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ISqlKeywordDictionary Interface
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ISqlKeywordDictionary Interface

Provides access to the members that control the dictionary for SQL Keywords.


ISqlKeywordDictionary references can be accessed through the IFieldChecker.ValidateDictionary property. This interface can be used to determine whether a word is a keyword in SQL.


Name Description
Method Add Adds a new illegal field name.
Read-only property Count Number of invalid field names.
Method Empty Clears all the invalid field names.
Method FindKeyword Indicates if the word is illegal (Legal = false, Illegal = true).
Write-only property Name Provides access to members that maintain a list of SQL Keywords.
Method Remove Removes a illegal field name form the list.
Method Reset Resets the invalid field names to the state before you called Clear, Add, or Remove.

Classes that implement ISqlKeywordDictionary

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