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ITimeZoneInfo Interface
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ITimeZoneInfo Interface

Provides access to members that control the time zone information.


ITimeZoneInfo contains all of the time zone and daylight savings time information relevant in a specific geographic region.  In a given region, the rules for daylight savings time can change from year to year.  Therefore, the ITimeZoneInfo interface provides a way to store and retrieve several years of different daylight savings time rules.  When accessing several years of rules, you can start at the first rule year and repeatedly getting the "next rule year" until you reach the "last rule year".


Name Description
Method AddDynamicRule Adds a dynamic adjustment to the time zone.
Read/write property CustomDescription Custom description for the time zone.
Read/write property DaylightTimeName The time zone name during daylight time.
Read/write property DefaultRule The default time zone adjustment rule.
Read/write property DisplayName Descriptive display name of the time zone.
Read-only property DynamicRule The dynamic adjustment rule for a specific year.
Read-only property DynamicRulesCount Number of dynamic adjustment rules for the time zone.
Read-only property FirstDynamicRuleYear The first dynamic adjustment rule year.
Read-only property LastDynamicRuleYear The last dynamic adjustment rule year.
Read-only property NextDynamicRuleYear The next dynamic adjustment rule year that cyclicly proceeds the given dynamic adjustment rule year.
Read/write property StandardTimeName The time zone name during standard time.
Read/write property WindowsID Time zone Windows ID name.

Classes that implement ITimeZoneInfo

Classes Description
TimeZoneInfo An object that represents a time zone information.